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St. Croix Rum

American Oak

Gold-medal award winning distillery called Cruzan. Founded in 1760. Shipped from the island with some rum still inside. Has aged multiple award-winning beers around the world. Best rum barrels we carry and one of the best products for you to sell. We can get rough fully 210-420 barrels each month. They are used for 7-10 years (longer as well) on the island after being used for 4 years aging Bourbon. In good shape overall for rum. Avery hashad great success with them and you can say that one the phone.

Tasting Notes

Balanced blend of caramel sweetness, oak, lightly toasted banana, with a warm buttery finish.


Aging Difficulty


Used for 7–10 years on Average

Easy Copy goes here -> Information about how to use this barrel with considerations to how difficult it is to use.

Barrel Region

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